This kandoMaintain command moves any Kando 2012.1 repository from its old storage area to the new GitCentric storage area at <destination_path> (typically <gc_home>/site/git ) after an upgrade installation.

mvrepos identifies the old storage area by querying the database. It checks that the target path exists and is writable. It only looks at acrepository records that are not hidden (deleted). If there is a null or empty path in any of the acrepository records, no moves will be attempted. Any of the above conditions will return error messages as well as a return status of 1. During the individual moves and database updates, if a single move fails, the others will still be attempted. There will be error messages for each move that fails and the overall return status will be 1. Therefore, you can re-run this command after fixing a failure condition, so that eventually all repos are moved. If all moves are successful, no message is displayed and a 0 is returned for status.


kandoMaintain mvrepos -u <dbadmin> -P <dbpass> -r <repository_path>


The following table lists the options for this command.

-u <dbadmin>

The database administration user. This is the same user name as specified during installation (default is postgres). If this is required by the command you are using but you do not include it, kandoMaintain prompts you for it.

-P <dbpass>

The database administration password. This is the same user password as specified during installation. If this is required by the command you are using but you do not include it, kandoMaintain prompts you for it. If you write scripts that incorporate this option, be sure to secure the file against unauthorized access.

-c <dbconnectstring>

The database connection string: jdbc:postgresql://<host>:<port>/<dbname>

If you do not specify -c for a command that requires it, kandoMaintain assumes the default value jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5075/kando. If you do specify -c, then jdbc:postgresql:// is required as a minimum. Partial connection strings will have default values automatically supplied. For example, if you specify jdbc:postgresql://, kandoMaintain assumes a <host> of localhost, a <port> value of 5075 and a <dbname> of kando.

-Fc <path>

The path to a text file (such as <gc_home>/dbsettings.conf) containing values for three of the parameters used by kandoMaintain. The contents of this file should include:

  • DB_USER=<dbadmin> Eliminates the need for -u on the command line.
  • DB_PASS=<dbpassword> Eliminates the need for -P on the command line.
  • DB_CONNECT=<dbconnectstring> Eliminates the need for -c on the command line.

For example:



DB_CONNECT =dbc:postgresql://localhost:5075/kando


Suppresses confirmation prompting for mkdb, rmdb, mvrepos, and upgradedb.

-r <repository_path>

The path to the GitCentric repository. For mvrepos, the path to the repository to which the command should move existing repositories after an upgrade installation. For checksync, the path to the repository whose synchronization status you are checking.

Note: The settings and the values accepted by this configuration file can change without notice from release to release.

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