The gitcentric delete-repo command deletes the repository identified by the <reponame> option.


gitcentric delete-repo <reponame> [--force] [--noNotify] --yes-really-delete
[--help(-h)] [--]

This command completely removes the repository, including all its changes and its Git repository, from the GitCentric installation. It also removes configuration information specified on the AccuRev Connector panel, AccuRev Server connection details, branch-stream mappings, and whether or not you are associating issues with commits. This command requires the delete-project.jar file that is installed to <gc_home>/site/plugins. GitCentric displays an error message if it cannot locate this file when you run the delete-repo command.

Cautions and Restrictions

Before executing the delete-repo command, be aware of the following cautions and restrictions:

  • You cannot undo a delete-repo command. As such, you should use it only with extreme care, and ensure that you have taken normal precautions like backing up any important data.
  • The delete-repo command removes the repository only on the server on which the command is run. In a master-slave environment, if you delete a repository from the GitCentric master server, you must also delete that repository from any of the slaves.
  • You cannot delete a repository that uses a sub-module subscription without first removing the sub-module registration.
  • You can run the delete-repo command only if you are a member of a group that has Administrate Server permissions.


<reponame> The repository you want to delete.
[--force] Delete the repository even if it has open changes.
--help, -h Display the help for this command.
-noNotify Do not notify the GitCentric bridge of the configuration change. This is useful if you are making a series of configuration changes and do not want to reconfigure the bridge until they are all done. You do this by omitting --noNotify on the last command. If you forget to omit --noNotify on the last command, you can force the commit by either executing a config-repo or config-branch command, or by restarting the bridge (such as through the Tomcat web server admin console).
--yes-really-delete Required in order to execute the command.
-- End-of-options marker. See Basic Syntax for more details.


Delete the test_repo repository regardless of whether or not it has open changes. Do not notify the GitCentric bridge.

> ssh -p 29418 mylogin@myserver gitcentric delete-repo test_repo --force --noNotify --yes-really-delete

Delete the acme repository only if it has no open changes. Notify the GitCentric bridge.

> ssh -p 29418 mylogin@myserver gitcentric delete-repo acme --yes-really-delete


Only users in a group with Administrate Server permissions.

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