Version 2018.1

631680 - Promote does not work with AccuRev Client/AccuRev Server 7.x versions

Users can Promote using the latest version of the AccuRev Plug-In for IntelliJ IDEA.

1098598 - AccuRev Annotate with IntelliJ IDEA results in error dialog

Users can view Annotate information without any error.

631681 - Enable reading acclient.cnf from ACCUREV_HOME for AccuRev 7.1

The AccuRev Plug-In for IntelliJ IDEA reads and modifies the file (even if it is running as a non-admin user).

1098914 - Installation instructions for AccuRev Plug-In for IntelliJ IDEA are incorrect

The document is updated with the correct steps.

631753 - Add Support for IntelliJ IDEA 15, 2016, 2017

The AccuRev Plug-In for IntelliJ IDEA now supports IntelliJ IDEA 15, 2016, and 2017.