Using the IDE’s Delete Command

Executing the IDE’s Edit > Delete command on an element does not automatically invoke the AccuRev Defunct command. The element is removed from the IDE project, but gets the AccuRev status (missing).

To resolve a (missing) status after using the Delete command, take the following steps:

  1. Click AccuRev > Searches > Missing to list the deleted element.
  2. Run one of these AccuRev commands from the context menu of the deleted element:
    Defunct Removes the element at the AccuRev level as well. (You need to Promote the element to make the removal public. You can do this after listing the element with a Defunct, Pending, or Default Group search.)
    Populate Undoes the Delete command restoring the element to the IDE project. (But any recent changes that you did not preserve with Keep will be lost.)