Configuring Visual Studio for the AccuRev Plug-In

  1. In Visual Studio, select Tools > Options to open the Options dialog box.
  2. Expand the Source Control entry in the navigation pane and choose Plug-in Selection.
  3. In the content pane, open the Current source control plug-in list and select AccuRev Plug-In Visual Studio PE.
  4. Select Yes when prompted in the User Account Control window.
  5. In the navigation pane, select AccuRev Options Page, select the Configuration tab in the content pane and verify that the path to your accurev.exe file in the AccuRev Executable field is accurate.
    The path to the accurev.exe file generally takes the following form: <accurev_install_dir>\bin\accurev.exe.
  6. Click OK to save your selections and close the dialog.

    When you have successfully configured Visual Studio PE to use AccuRev, the following changes become apparent in the Visual Studio PE interface:

    • The AccuRev - Searches window appears
    • The AccuRev toolbar appears
    • An AccuRev pane in the Output window is available