Release Notes - Visual Studio plug-in 2018.1

Visual Studio plug-in 2018.1 includes the following enhancements and fixes:

631940, 632830, 632838, 632833 - Fixes for Diff in Visual Studio

In the previous releases, the Diff functionality was not working as expected. In the current release, the fixes include displaying proper version description and version number on Diff GUI. Additionally, Diff uses the file in the workspace instead of copying it to temporary folder.

632832 - Add options to Diff with Beyond Compare V3 and V4

In the current release, Diff support for Beyond Compare V3 and V4 was added.

632831,632834 - Fixes for the Merge functionalities in Visual Studio

In previous releases, Merge and Update with merge functionalities were not working as expected. This has been corrected in the current release, along with the display of version number for the merged files.

632829 - Product version update in AccuRev Options screen

In the current release, AccuRev Configuration page displays the latest plug-in version.

632835 - Annotate functionality hitting invalid Web UI URL

In previous releases, when user tried to use Annotate functionality in Visual Studio, an error may have appeared stating "The webpage cannot be found.". This has been fixed in current release.

632837 – Removal of “New Query” functionality

In the current release, New Query option has been deprecated. Use the Web UI options from the Visual Studio AccuRev File menu.

632842 - AccuRev Web UI showing unsupported Browser message

In previous releases, the plug-in was unable to display Web UI from the latest AccuRev version and presented “Browser version not supported” message. This was due to limitations of the internal Visual Studio browser. In the current release, the plug-in addresses this by opening Web UI tasks in the default external browser. This is the default behavior, which can be toggled from the AccuRev plug-in configuration.

632843 - Version browser option hitting invalid URL

In previous releases, if you tried to open Version browser for the solution file, it opened an invalid URL. This has been fixed in the current release.

632844 - Cancel operation on login window lands on "New Workspace"

In previous releases, if you cancelled the login prompt while creating a new solution with Add to Source Control option, the New Workspace page with blank depot and stream information displayed. This has been fixed in the current release.

1112378 - Useless error message generated as a result of incorrect path

In previous releases, the error prompt for incorrect AccuRev path was not proper. This has been corrected in the current release.

632845 - File getting added to Ignore list when AccuRev is logged out

In the previous release, if user was not logged in into AccuRev, the ignore option used to show up in the AccuRev context menu. This has been fixed in current release.

634210 - Plug-in dialogs displaying old AccuRev icons

In previous release, the plug-in used to display older AccuRev icon set. This has been fixed in current release, by using the icons from latest AccuRev version.