Establishing Your Identity

All AccuRev commands must be executed by an AccuRev user. Before you can begin using AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE, you must establish your identity to AccuRev. Your AccuRev installation can use either of these user-authentication methods:

  • In traditional authentication mode, AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE defaults to using your operating system username as your AccuRev username, and stores authentication information, user preferences and other information in the .accurev subdirectory of your home directory.

    To customize that behavior, set these two user-level (not system-level) environment variables before starting Visual Studio:

    • To use a different username, set ACCUREV_PRINCIPAL to that username.
    • To place your .accurev directory elsewhere, set ACCUREV_ HOME to the new location.

  • In accurev_login authentication mode, you must explicitly log in to an AccuRev Server. You can do so using Visual Studio’s File > AccuRev > Login command.

See the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide for complete information on AccuRev user management.