Moving an Element

You can change the location of an element by dragging it from one directory to another, perhaps to a location in another project, while holding down the SHIFT key. You can also move an element with the Cut and Paste commands. AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE handles such operations as follows:

  • If the destination is within the same AccuRev workspace, though not necessarily within the same Visual Studio project, an AccuRev Rename (or move) command is invoked automatically. (Note that in a C++ project, the copy operation does not create a file system object, merely a reference in the project file.)
  • If the destination is not within the same AccuRev workspace, the AccuRev Rename command fails.

    Note: A plain drag-and-drop, without holding down the SHIFT key, implements a copy operation, as does a Copy-Paste sequence. No AccuRev command is invoked in this situation. If you copy the item to a location within an AccuRev workspace, the new copy becomes an (external) item.