Converts the private versions of one or more file elements into public versions. It takes versions that you previously created in your workspace with Keep, and sends them to the backing stream shared by you and other members of your development team. You are prompted to enter a comment, just as with the Keep command.

If any of the selected files have been changed since their last Keep, and so have (modified) status, this command first Keeps the changed files, then Promotes all files in the selection with (kept) status.

Change Package Trigger

If a change package trigger is defined for the current depot’s issue database, a Select Issue Number(s) dialog box appears, displaying a set of AccuWorkissue records. The change package trigger definition includes a query, which dynamically selects the set of issue records to display. (If you are using a third-party issue tracking system with AccuRev, this dialog box gives you the option of displaying issues using either the AccuWork issue number or the third-party system key, as shown below.)

You must select one or more of these issue records by point-and-click, or by typing in the Issue Number(s) input field. Use SPACE characters to separate multiple issue numbers. When you click OK, the versions being promoted are added to the change packages of the selected issue record(s).