Deletes the selected file from disk, and marks it with (defunct) status in the AccuRev workspace. You are prompted to enter a comment, just as with the Keep command.

A defunct file is no longer on your disk, but appears in the results of an AccuRev search for Defunct, Pending, or Default Group elements. It disappears entirely from the AccuRev workspace when you Promote the element to the backing stream.

Note: You can also defunct a directory element, but this can have far-reaching consequences. Before doing so, consult the description of the defunct command in the AccuRev CLI User Guide.

Visual Studio’s Delete command removes a file from your project (and local disk storage), then automatically offers to perform a Defunct, as well.

Be sure to proceed with the Defunct, to keep the Visual Studio project in sync with the AccuRev repository. If you don’t, the element will have (missing) status in your workspace.