History tab

The History tab displays a table containing the results of a History command. Each row lists an AccuRev transaction that created a new version of the element.

Table columns

The following columns are displayed in the History tab:

Column Description
Name Element's pathname within the workspace.
Time A timestamp indicating when the transaction took place.
Transaction The unique number (within this AccuRev depot) of the transaction.
Action The kind of AccuRev transaction: keep, promote, etc.
User AccuRev username of the user who performed the transaction.
Version Unique version-ID of the element version that was created in this transaction.
Comment User-supplied comment for this transaction.

Running AccuRev commands

You can select one or two transactions from an item’s history, then invoke an AccuRev command from the selection’s context menu:

Command Description
File in the Workspace Compares the version in the selected transaction with the version currently in your project.
Other Version Compares the versions created in the two selected transactions.
Checkout Version Replaces the version in your workspace with the version in the selected transaction.
Show Transaction Pops up another window, Transaction History, showing the complete contents of the selected transaction.