Git Client for Visual Studio

AccuRev Git Client allows GIT users to pull and push changes from an AccuRev stream using the installed GIT command line program or GIT GUI application. No installation or configuration change to the existing AccuRev server is required to use the AccuRev Git Client.

This document presents examples of how to perform some basic GIT commands within Visual Studio.


  • Set the version control to GIT in Tools > Options > Source control > Plugin Selection > Git.

  • AccuRev, git command line, and the AccuRev git client (git-remote-AccuRev, git-ac) must all be found in the PATH environment variable

  • LFS (Large File Support) assumes an existing LFS server which handles the large assets. This is identical to what git requires independent of the git client.

  • Supported versions include AccuRev 6.2.3 and higher, Git version up to 2.20.1 and Visual Studio 2017.