This topic shows how to resolve conflicts when merging or pulling from a branch or repository

In AccuRev: Edit a file’s content and Promote the file.

In Visual Studio:

  1. Select the same file and modify the file content.

  2. Go to Team Explorer and Commit the changes, but do not Push the changes.

  3. Perform a Fetch operation, so you will have changes listed under both the Incoming Commits and Outgoing Commits sections.

  4. Do a Push operation from the Outgoing Commits section.

    The operation will fail due to conflicts in the file, as shown below.

  5. To resolve the conflicts, select the changes under Incoming Commits and do a Sync.

  6. Click on Merge In Progress > Conflicts.

  7. Click on the Merge command to open a comparison window.

  8. Merge the change.

  9. Click Commit Merge, enter the commit message, and click Commit All / Commit and Push.