ALI Extensibility

ALI provides an extensibility API that enables you to integrate Agile Manager with a custom build or SCM management system that is not supported out-of-the-box.

  1. On the ALI Summary configuration page (WorkspaceALI Summary), under Integration, select Custom Integration and download the ALI SDK.
  2. Develop Java connectors (called providers in ALI) to additional SCM and build management systems.

    Implementation classes, together with a simple descriptor containing basic metadata, such as name and version, are packaged in a zip file with a predefined layout.

Deploy your custom ALI plugin

For details about starting and stopping the Dev Bridge, see the README.txt file included in the Dev Bridge directory you downloaded from Agile Manager.

  1. Shut down the Dev Bridge.

  2. Copy the plugin directory to the %BRIDGE_HOME%/plugins_ext directory on the Dev Bridge server. If this directory does not yet exist, create it.

  3. Start the Dev Bridge and connect it to Agile Manager.

  4. Verify that the plugin is successfully deployed by browsing to the following URL: http://dev-bridge-host:8080/ali-dev-bridge/rest/bridge/plugin-info

    Note: Depending on your Dev Bridge deployment, you may need to modify the protocol and port number in this syntax.

    If the deployment was unsuccessful, check the Dev Bridge log for additional details.