View build report

Access a build report to evaluate the quality of a build, and review the code changes connected to it.

To open a build report, click a build number. The widget bar along the top of the page displays summary metrics of the build.

Data aggregation: Metrics for parent builds display aggregated data of their downstream builds.

The following widgets are shown across the page:

Changes Defects Development Metrics Committers

Displays the number and percentage of lines of code that were changed in the build, grouped by their association with user stories, defects, or neither.

Lists the number of defects relevant to the build, grouped by whether they were newly detected, closed, or worked on in the build.

Displays success rates for tests run and percentage of code covered by unit tests in the build.

Lists the committers active in the build, in order of the percentage of code committed by each user.

Click a button below the widgets to display the following additional information for the build. When available, click Show details alongside a change set to view the change set details.