Build system integration

Agile Manager tracks information about builds together with their relationships to other Agile Manager entities in order to provide traceability between builds and release progress. Integration with a build server is a tool that allows you to measure the impact of code changes on software deliverables and build artifacts. Builds enable you to report what new code has been implemented and what the impact is on the release.

Agile Manager uploads information from the build server, including:

  • Build artifacts (binaries produced by the build process)

  • Content of the build (components, packages, files, etc.)

  • New changes included in the build (what’s new since the last build – change sets that make up the build).

With the uploaded information from the build server, Agile Manager links the build results, including information from tracking metrics installed on the build server, with work items. In doing so, Agile Manager is able to help you understand and track release progress.

This section includes: