ALI Dev Bridge overview

ALI Dev Bridge enables you to connect your local development environment to Agile Manager in a SaaS environment.

When you are running HPE ALI in a SaaS environment, you must be able to access on-premises source code and build management systems. You do this by using the ALI Dev Bridge. The ALI Dev Bridge is a simple mini-web application that connects Agile Manager hosted in a SaaS environment to source code and build management systems hosted in your local development environment.

The SaaS environment and the local development environment are usually separated by a firewall. Using the ALI Dev Bridge enables you to connect the two environments without needing to reconfigure the firewall or to open ports on the firewall. The ALI Dev Bridge gets changes from the local systems and sends metadata to Agile Manager. No source code or binaries are sent over the ALI Dev Bridge.

Note: ALI Dev Bridge works on your local computers and exposes metadata about builds and code changes. We recommend that you install and run ALI Dev Bridge on SSL and behind a firewall.

For details of how to deploy the ALI Dev Bridge, see ALI Dev Bridge Deployment.