Hudson/Jenkins configuration

  1. Create a Free style job and configure the SCM and Build Triggers as needed.

  2. Add the build step Invoke Ant and specify the targets which should be started (as in the example deployAndTestAndReport).

  3. In the Post-build Actions section, configure as shown below (click image to expand).

  4. In the test report XMLs, replace the test-report-xml string with your actual report directory (attribute reportDir in force-deploy-task).

  5. In the test sources mapping pattern, replace src with your actual path to the source directory.

The above configuration is sufficient for most cases. In other cases do one of the following:

If the force-deploy-task is defined in the distributed Ant script, which is called from the main Ant script Configure the Report directory (the reportDir attribute value in the Ant script) in ALI Integration/ Advanced
If the source code directory, which contains folders, classes, triggers, and so on, is not in the src directory located directly in the workspace root Configure the Project root

Example: (click image to expand):