Configure the links for an external repository viewer

As part of connecting changes in your code to the development work process, Agile Manager provides a built-in repository viewer for viewing the content of a specific file or the differences between versions of a file. If you are using Agile Manager's internal repository viewer, you do not need to configure the Diff link and File link properties in the Repository Details page.

You can use an external repository viewer, such as ViewVC, to view files and version differences. Enter the template for the links to the file content and diff views:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Provide the template of the HTTP link to the file view of a selected file
    • Provide the template of the HTTP link to the diff view of a version of a selected file.
  2. Include the built-in variables as part of the template (if needed).

    Agile Manager contains a number of tags to use in your template:

    Tag Description
    ${filePath} The path to the file within the repository.
    ${revision} The revision number of the selected file.
    ${fromRevision} (diff links only) The previous revision number to use in the file difference view.
    ${fromFilePath} (diff links only) Used if the selected file was moved from its original location after the original revision but before viewing the diff link.