SCM system integration

Connect Agile Manager with your SCM server to enable Agile Manager to link code changes to user stories, defects, and tasks.

Tip: To easily link your commits with Agile Manager, download the Tasktop plugin for Visual Studio, Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA: Installation instructions are included in the plugin download.

When you add or edit repositories and branches, define SCM policies that enable Agile Manager to link committed changes in the repository to development work items.

Enforcing SCM policies helps to ensure that developers follow prescribed guidelines and best practices. Team leaders can be confident that developers implement the right features and add required metadata to the committed change sets. Policy enforcement also provides invaluable help during stabilization periods as it is easy to ensure that developers fix only severe defects or to lock the code base of a release completely.

When you define a repository in Agile Manager, ALI recognizes a default pattern that it uses to associate code changes with work items.

This section includes: