Default commit patterns

When you commit code to the source code repository, include a message that includes details about the work items that the code changes relate to. Agile Manager parses the message and associates the code changes with the correct user stories, defects, and tasks.

This topic describes the default commit pattern that Agile Manager recognizes. To configure the commit pattern for a repository, see Configure commit recognition patterns.

By default, Agile Manager recognizes the following commit pattern:

<default keyword> #id_1, #id_2, #id_3: <comment>

Elements of the default commit pattern are described below:

  • <default keyword>. Phrases that instruct Agile Manager to associate the code changes with user stories, defects, or tasks:

    User stories Defects Tasks
    user story defect task
    implementing user story fixing defect implementing task
    user stories defects tasks
    implementing user stories fixing defects implementing tasks
  • Prefix. Prefix ID numbers with a hash (#) sign.

  • ID number. The user story, defect, or task number, as assigned by Agile Manager.
  • Separator. Use a comma (,) to separate multiple items.

  • <comment>. Free text describing the nature of the committed code.