Review a build range report

Review the impact of a range of builds using the Build Impact page. For example, review the stories delivered or defects fixed in a sprint build.

Do one of the following:

From the Build Summary page

Select a build in the timeline.

In the Build Details widget on the right, select another build from the Build Impact selector to create a range.

From the build details page

Click the Build Impact link on the right.

To modify the build number at the other end of the range, select another build from the build selector.

The Build Impact page displays the following widgets:

Changes Defects Committers

Displays the number and percentage of lines of code that were changed in the build, grouped by their association with user stories, defects, or neither.

Lists the number of defects relevant to the build, grouped by whether they were newly detected, closed, or worked on in the build.

Lists the committers active in the build, in order of the percentage of code committed by each user.

Click a button below the widgets to display the following additional information for the build range. When available, click Click Show details alongside a change set to view the change set details.