API development and usage flow

Flip through the following slideshow for more details about the people and steps involved in developing and using the Agile Manager API.

Site Administrators

Add applications for integration on the IntegrationsAPI configuration tab.

Populate the fields in the Add New dialog box.

Agile Manager generates a client ID and secret for the application to use when connecting to Agile Manager.

Note: Record the client secret, as you cannot retrieve it again.
If necessary, you can regenerate the secret to get a new one.

Click the thumbnails to view sample screenshots.

Application Developers

Retrieve Agile Manager data using API requests with a valid token in the header.

  • Get an access token by sending the client ID and secret to the token endpoint resource
  • Get a new access token when the current token expires.
  • Include the access token in the header of each API request.

Tip: Use the Agile Manager API Interactive Help to perform API operations.

Access the API Interactive Help from the Help menu (Help > API Interactive Help) , or from the Integrations > API configuration page.

Log in using your Client ID and Secret to automatically get and include the access token in each request.

Team members

A good example of data retrieved from Agile Manager via API is timesheet data.

Team members update Invested time for each assigned task, in the Sprint Backlog tab, the Task Board, or the Details page.

This data can be retrieved by application developers via API.

Other examples of retrievable data include new workspaces and releases.

Access the API Interactive Help from the Help menu for a full list of all supported entities.