Configure ALI integrations

Configure ALI in Agile Manager in order to work with the build and SCM servers in your local environment.

ALI is configured within a workspace. To configure ALI build and SCM servers, click Configuration on the top right of the page, and select Workspace from the navigation menu on the left.

Tabs: Workspace > ALI Summary, Builds, Code

Use the wizard to take you through each step of configuring ALI, or configure ALI manually.


Configure one or more build jobs or source code branches, as needed.

You can configure multiple build jobs — all of the same type, or each of different types, such as some from Jenkins and some from TFS.

You can also configure multiple source code branches, either for multiple GIT branches, or for GIT, SVN, TFS, and so on.

For more details, see ALI supported environments and frameworks.

ALI configuration includes the following steps:

Integration Build Management Source Code Management

Install and deploy the ALI Dev Bridge. For details, see ALI Dev Bridge Deployment.

Install and configure agents that connect your build server and SCM repository with Agile Manager.

These agents are a set of applications that are required to push information from the servers to Agile Manager.

  1. Download and configure agents for your build server. For details, see Hudson Jenkins Installation or Set up TFS for ALI.

  2. Download and configure agents for your SCM server. For details, see SCM Agents.

Add build server details and build server configurations.

Use the wizard to add a new build server or configuration or update an one. Click Add Build Server to do so manually.

Configure additional settings on the Builds page. For details, see:

Add repository and branch details.

Use the wizard to add a new repository, or click Add SCM Repository to do so manually.

Configure additional settings on the Code page. For details, see:

Add and edit repositories

Add and edit branches

Set the commit pattern for each repository.

Commit patterns enable you to automatically connect code commits to the repository to work items.

For details, see Configure commit recognition patterns.

ALI troubleshooting