Obtain client details for API access

Click Configuration on the top right of the page, and select Integrations from the navigation menu on the left.

Tab: Integrations > API. Visible to Site Administrators only.

Add an application that will integrate with Agile Manager. This creates client credentials that the application can use for OAuth authentication when connecting to Agile Manager.

You can add the following types of applications:

  • An application that will communicate with Agile Manager using the API.
    For details on using the Agile Manager API, see API integration.
  • A NextGen Synchronizer Integration Bridge.
    For details on the Integration Bridge, see Download and install the bridge.

A client is similar to an Agile Manager user that accesses Agile Manager through the API. The client is assigned to specific workspaces and roles, just like other Agile Manager users.

An Integration Bridge client has only the Integration Bridge role and can work with all workspaces.

The client ID is generated automatically when you register a new application.

A client secret is generated for each client. This secret is like a user password, and you must record it securely. Agile Manager generates each secret once only, and the secret cannot be retrieved later. If needed, regenerate the secret to retrieve a new one.

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