Configure templates

Tab: Workspace > Templates. Visible to Workspace Administrators only.

Workspace administrators can design templates for creating new user stories or defects. A template defines a description, as well as tasks and acceptance tests, for each new item based on the selected template.

By default, new workspaces are defined with a default defect template, with a single task for fixing the defect, estimated at 6 hours. Modify or remove this template, or simply clear the Set as Default Defect Template option, as needed.

Create templates using one of the following options:

Add Template

Adds a new, blank template.

Duplicate Template

Creates a copy of a template that you can then modify.

Click User Stories or Defects, and select the template you want to duplicate.

Import Template

Import a template from another workspace.

Note: This option is only displayed if you are able to access multiple workspaces.

  1. Click Import Template.
  2. Select another workspace and the templates you want to import.

Tip: Use the defined Name or User Story/Defect Description as a template or prefixes for names and descriptions in new items.

Users can add additional text to the Name field in the Add Item dialog box, or to the item name or description after creating the item.