Configure custom and required fields

Tabs: Site or Workspace > Fields. Visible to Site or Workspace Administrators respectively.

Field configurations that you specify in the Site > Fields tab, affect the field's behavior in all workspaces and releases defined in the site. Configurations specified in the Workspace > Fields tab affect the current workspace only.

View the list of fields available in your system. For each field you can see:

  • The field's name and type.

    For custom list fields, the possible values for the field.

    Tip: If the type is Reference, that means this field links the entity to an item created in Agile Manager. For example, a release, a sprint, a user, or another backlog item. The possible values for this field depend on the items defined in the system.

  • The entity type to which the field applies:

    User Stories, Defects, Themes, Features, or Backlog Items (which apply to both user stories and defects)

  • Whether it is a system or custom field.

    You cannot add, remove, or edit system fields, but you can define them as required. (See below regarding required fields.)

  • Whether it is defined at the site level, or for a specific workspace.

    The Workspace > Fields tab displays only site fields and fields defined in the selected workspace.

  • Whether it is displayed in the Add Item dialog box.

  • Whether it is required when adding an item.

    Note: Field requirements are enforced only when adding items using the Add Item dialog box, importing backlog items, or converting a user story to a feature.They are not enforced when updating existing items in grids or on the Details page, when synchronizing items with ALM, or when adding items using Copy Item or the Agile Manager API.

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