Configure release sprints

Tab: Workspace > Releases. Visible to Workspace Administrators only.

Click a release, and then click the Sprints tab on the left of the release details page.

What do you want to do?



Add a sprint to the release

Click Add Sprint or Add Sprint to End of Release.

Note: Agile Manager allows you to create overlapping sprints, although this is not a recommended practice.

Move sprints

To move sprints forward or backward in a release, select the sprints you want to move, and click Shift Sprints. If, as a result of moving sprints forward, a sprint runs over the release end date, the release will be extended to include the final sprint.

Alternatively, edit the sprint dates directly in the grid.

Remove sprints from the release Select the sprint or sprints, and click Remove from Release.
Add a description of a sprint

The sprint name can also function as its description. Click the value in the Name column, and enter the new name.

Keeping a sprint number makes it easier for users to understand the chronology of the sprints.

Assign teams to sprints

Click the value in the Assigned Teams column, and select the teams that will participate in the sprint.

Alternatively, on the Teams tab, select the sprints in which each team will be available.