Edit items

Agile Manager offers you several ways to edit backlog items.

Inline editing

You can edit almost any field directly in the grid. Double click the field and type or select the new value.

Edit in form layout

You can display an item's details in a form layout in the Details view, and edit any of its properties or attributes.

  1. Open an item's details. Do one of the following:

    • Click the link in the ID field, or select More Actions > View Details.
    • To view item details in a new tab, select More Actions > View Details in a New Tab. This is useful for comparing multiple backlog items, or for viewing an item's details without leaving the grid.
  2. Select any of the editable fields and enter or select new values.

  3. Add comments and attachments, define tasks and acceptance tests, and click Linked Items to define dependencies with other items.

    Caution: Attachment files can contain dangerous content, and must be downloaded and opened with caution.

    We strongly recommend implementing anti-virus protection for any file storage used when accessing Agile Manager.

  4. Make sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

Update multiple items simultaneously

If you need to set the same field value for several items, you can update the items simultaneously. You can set new values for several properties at the same time.

  1. In a grid, select the items you want to update, and click More Actions > Update Selected.

    Note: If you select a field whose values are affected by the values another field, you will not be able to also update the other field.

    For example, if you select the Status field, the Defect Status field is disabled, as you cannot manually update values for both of these fields simultaneously.

    The values for these fields are automatically updated based on the value of the other field.

    For details about this example, see Manage the defect life cycle.

  2. In the Update Selected dialog box, click Add Property, and select the properties you want to change.
  3. Enter or select new values for the properties you selected.

    Note: In the Blocked field, enter the reason the items are blocked.

  4. Click Update.

Quick Actions

You can update a single-selection list field using the Change Quick Action.

  1. In a grid, select one or more items.
  2. Press Ctrl+1 to open the Quick Action dialog box.
  3. In the action box, type Change to filter the available change actions.
  4. Select the change action you want to perform.

For more details, see Quick Actions (Ctrl+1).