Basics and grid actions

This section describes basic features that will help you make the most of Agile Manager.

  • Jump across Agile Manager quickly using your Agile Manager Quick Actions (Ctrl+1).
  • Watch backlog items to receive email notifications about a specific item's status updates.
  • Import backlog items from a file into the product or release backlog to migrate data from other systems, or otherwise first list items elsewhere before managing them in Agile Manager.

  • Export backlog items to use and display Agile Manager in other applications.

  • Rank the backlog to help you plan the highest ranking items to the next release or sprint backlog.
  • Create a group story to manage backlog items in a parent-child hierarchy. The parts you define while breaking the story are children of the group story.
  • Print backlog items from the grid to create a hard copy of your backlog.