Watch backlog items

Watch backlog items and receive mail notifications.

Select backlog items and click More Actions > Watch.

Watched backlog items are listed in the My Watched User Stories and My Watched Defects widgets on the Dashboard. When changes are made to watched items, they are displayed in the widgets in bold.

You also receive mail notifications when watched items undergo certain changes. For details, see Mail notifications below.

Tip: In Defect Management, you can add items to another user's watch list. Click Add Watch for User.

Mail notifications

Agile Manager sends mail notifications to users when the following events occur:

Event Who is notified?
Backlog item is assigned to a user

The Assigned To user.

Note: Workspace Administrators can configure whether a mail is sent to the user also if the user assigns the item to him/herself.

Backlog item status changes All users watching the backlog item, except the user who made the change.

Backlog item exceeds a storyboard time limit

For more details, see Kanban storyboard.

All users watching the backlog item.

ALI detects changes in code that may reflect a problem.

For details, see ALI user notifications.

The user who checked in the changes.

Relevant only when ALI is configured for the release.

Administrators can select which of the events above will be communicated to users. In the Configuration area, open the Workspace > Settings page.

For details, see Workspace notifications.