Quick Actions (Ctrl+1)

Use the Quick Action shortcut (Ctrl+1 or Help > Quick Actions) from anywhere in Agile Manager to easily navigate to any page, or to perform almost any action.

To select an action, do one of the following:

  • To view a list of the available actions in your current context, click the Show all link.
  • In the action box, start typing the name of an action. Select an action from the filtered list.

The following table lists some of the available Quick Actions.

Note: Available actions vary depending on where you are in Agile Manager.

What do you want to do? Quick Action name
Navigate to another page Go To...
Show or hide all callouts Show Callouts / Hide Callouts
Display all system messages Reset 'Don't show this again' selections
Navigate to previously viewed page or item Go Forward / Go Back
Refresh view Refresh
Create new items Add New...
Update selected items Change... To...
Defect Management
Open a defect by ID Defect ID:<defect number>
Open defect details View Defect
Assign defects to yourself Assign to Me
Assign defects to another user Assign to User:<user name>
Delete defects Delete Defect(s)
Add defects to watch list Watch Defects(s)
Add a widget to the dashboard Add Widgets
Create a custom graph Add New Custom Graph