Rank the backlog

A key factor in planning release and sprint backlogs effectively is arranging the backlog by rank. After items in the backlog are ranked, you can plan the highest ranking items to the next release or sprint backlog.

Click the Rank column header to sort the grid by rank. Initially, backlog items are ranked in the order in which they were created. To reverse the sort order, click the Rank column header again.

Drag a single item up or down the grid to change its rank, or select multiple items and drag them to a new position. Alternatively, enter a new rank number in the Rank field. Other items are automatically shifted up or down the grid and re-ranked accordingly.

To shift items to the top or bottom ranks, select the items, and select Rank Highest or Rank Lowest in the right-click menu.

Backlog items do not have a fixed rank number: in any grid, the items are listed in their relative positions, and ranked consecutively from 1 to [no. of items in the grid].


  • After you set ranks, the ranking is preserved even if you sort the grid by another field. When you sort again by rank, the ranking is restored.
  • You cannot display ranking in a grouped grid.

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