Getting started

Agile Manager is a project management solution that enables you to plan, execute and track Agile projects.

  • Define release timelines, sprints, and teams.
  • Create your product backlog, prioritize and assign it, and track your development process.
  • Use the dashboard to gain visibility and insight into your process and find ways to improve it.

New to Agile Manager? Get started in the following areas:

  • Agile Manager life cycles take you through the life cycle of a release or a specific backlog item, with links for more details elsewhere in the Help Center.

  • Browse through the Basics and grid actions section for some basic actions commonly used with backlog items.

  • From each page in Agile Manager, select Help on This Page from the Help menu on the upper right to take you to the relevant help center topic.

  • These topics are found throughout the Help Center, such as in the Product backlog, Release management, Sprint management, and Dashboard sections.

  • From the Help menu in Agile Manager, you can also show or hide product callouts that can help find your way through Agile Manager.