Configure the authentication type for ALM SSO connections

Note: This topic is relevant for NextGen Synchronizer only. For details about the ALM Synchronizer, see ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager or search using the ALM Synchronizer filter.

By default, the Integration Bridge connects to ALM using an ALM username and password.

If your bridge connects to an ALM SaaS version that requires external authentication by an Identity Provider (IdP), do the following:

  • Make sure that your credentials manager is up-to-date with the username and password that the IdP requires.

  • Configure the Integration Bridge to use the SSO authentication process, as described below.


On Windows: Perform this procedure as a user with permissions to run the Integration Bridge.
On Linux: Perform this procedure as a root user, or as the user who installed the Integration Bridge.

To configure the Integration Bridge to use the SSO authentication process:

  1. In the <Integration Bridge installation directory>\product\domain\alm\conf folder, open the file. (In Linux, reverse the slashes in the path.)

  2. Locate the following line and remove the # to un-comment it:


  3. Save the file.

  4. Restart the Integration Bridge. For details, see Start and stop the Integration Bridge.