Configure a proxy for ALM connections

Note: This topic is relevant for NextGen Synchronizer only. For details about the ALM Synchronizer, see ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager or search using the ALM Synchronizer filter.

By default, the connection between the Integration Bridge and ALM is not authenticated by proxy. To configure a proxy, do the following:


On Windows: Perform this procedure as a user with permissions to run the Integration Bridge.
On Linux: Perform this procedure as a root user, or as the user who installed the Integration Bridge.
  1. In the <Integration Bridge installation directory>\product\domain\alm\conf folder, open the file. (In Linux, reverse the slashes in the path.)

  2. To use a proxy, change the setProxy value to true.

    If this value is false, proxy settings are ignored and no proxy is used.

  3. Set the proxy host and port values:

    1. Change the proxyHost value to the proxy IP address or server name.

    2. Change the proxyPort value to the relevant port for the proxy.

      When proxyHost has a value, proxyPort is mandatory.

  4. If the proxy requires authentication:

    1. Change the proxyUser value to the proxy user name.

    2. Change the proxyPass value to the proxy password.

      When proxyUser has a value, proxyPass is mandatory.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Restart the Integration Bridge. For details, see Start and stop the Integration Bridge.

Tip: If authentication fails, verify that the contents of the file are syntactically correct and contain valid values.