Manage connection setup

Note: This topic is relevant for NextGen Synchronizer only. For details about the ALM Synchronizer, see ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager or search using the ALM Synchronizer filter.

Credentials are used to provide secure, two-way communication between the Integration Bridge and Agile Manager or ALM.

Endpoint Credentials Manager

On Windows, or on a Linux computer that supports GUI, the Endpoint Credentials Manager application opens automatically after installing the Integration Bridge. This application is used to manage ALM credentials.


You must set ALM credentials before synchronizing entities between Agile Manager and ALM, and modify them later on if these credentials change.

If the Endpoint Credentials Manager application does not open automatically, or if you need to modify credentials again later:

On Windows: The Endpoint Credentials Manager application is installed together with the Integration Bridge. Locate the application in Windows and run it manually.

On Linux: Navigate to the <Bridge_installation_directory>/product/util/opb directory.

  • If your system supports GUI, run the following script to open the application manually:
  • Otherwise, run the following script to modify the credentials using the console:

Set ALM credentials (Endpoint Credentials Manager)

On Windows: Perform this procedure as a user with permissions to run the Integration Bridge.
On Linux: Perform this procedure as a root user, or as the user who installed the Integration Bridge.

If you are working on a Linux machine that does not support GUI, set the ALM credentials using the Command Line Interface (CLI).

  1. On the Integration Bridge machine, open the Endpoint Credentials Manager application as described above.
  2. Click New to create a set of credentials.

  3. Enter the credentials on the right, and then click Save .

    Field Description
    Display name The name used to identify this particular credentials record when configuring a link in Agile Manager.

    The name of the user connecting to ALM.

    Note: Do not enter uppercase letters.

    Password The password used to connect to ALM.
    Confirm password Enter the password a second time to confirm it.

Credentials are encrypted and stored on your system in the credentialsStore.xml and bridgeCredentialStore.xml files, located in the <Bridge_installation_directory>\product\conf folder. (On a Linux system, reverse the slashes in the path.)

  • To update a credential record, select it and make your changes on the right. Then click Save.

  • To delete a credential record, select it, and click Delete.

Manage additional connection settings as follows:

See also: Integration Bridge security.