Start and stop the Integration Bridge

Note: This topic is relevant for NextGen Synchronizer only. For details about the ALM Synchronizer, see ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager or search using the ALM Synchronizer filter.

If the Integration Bridge service is installed, the Integration Bridge is automatically started when your system starts.

This topic describes how to manage the bridge activation manually.

On Windows: Perform this procedure as a user with permissions to run the Integration Bridge.
On Linux: Perform this procedure as a root user, or as the user who installed the Integration Bridge.


  • The Integration Bridge service is installed as part of the Integration Bridge installation, unless you performed the installation on Linux as a non-root user. In this case you must manually install the Integration Bridge service as a root user:

    <Bridge_installation_directory>/product/bin/ install
  • The bridge must be running for Agile Manager to communicate with on-premises applications such as ALM.

  • If you have upgraded your ALM projects, you’ll need to restart the bridge manually after upgrade to continue synchronizing data between ALM and Agile Manager.

Commands relevant only on Windows

Start the bridge

Search or browse for, and select the StartHPEIntegration Bridge application.

Stop the bridge

Search or browse for, and select the StopHPEIntegration Bridge application.

Manage the bridge using Windows Services

  1. Run the services.msc command.
  2. Select the HPEIntegration Bridge service.
  3. Stop or start the service as required. This starts and stops the bridge application as well.

Manage the bridge from the command line

Use the HPEIntegrationBridge command line tool:

On Windows

On Linux

  1. Open the <Bridge_installation_directory>\product\bin directory.
  2. Run the HPEIntegrationBridge.bat file.
  1. Navigate to the <Bridge_installation_directory>/product/bin directory.
  2. Run the file.

Use the following commands:

Task Command
Start the bridge HPEIntegrationBridge start
Stop the bridge HPEIntegrationBridge stop
Restart the bridge HPEIntegrationBridge restart
Install the Integration Bridge service HPEIntegrationBridge install
Remove the Integration Bridge service HPEIntegrationBridge remove