Download and install the bridge

Note: This topic is relevant for NextGen Synchronizer only. For details about the ALM Synchronizer, see ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager or search using the ALM Synchronizer filter.

Download the Integration Bridge from Agile Manager and install it on a computer that can access both Agile Manager and ALM. The bridge communicates with both applications, enabling data synchronization between the two.

If you are installing on a Windows operating system, install the bridge as a Windows administrator user. You can run the bridge as a non-administrator user with the relevant permissions.

On a Linux computer, any user can install the bridge.

For more detail, see Security recommendations.

In Agile Manager, the new bridge is identified within a few moments. If you do not see your new bridge, refresh the page. From there, click Create synchronization links to start creating your links.

Installing multiple bridges

Installing multiple bridges is necessary only in certain cases. For example:

  • If you need to synchronize Agile Manager with ALM projects that reside on different networks.

  • If you define a large number of synchronization links and you want to distribute the load between multiple bridges.

  • If you install bridges for multiple Agile Manager sites. Each bridge communicates with one site.

    In this case, you must download each bridge separately, from the site with which it will communicate. The downloaded files contain the configuration necessary for the bridge to connect to the relevant site.

Recommendations if you install multiple bridges:

  • Use a separate set of Agile Manager credentials (client ID and secret) for each bridge.
  • Instead of using the default installation folder, provide a name that helps identify the bridge. For example, if you install multiple bridges to communicate with multiple Agile Manager sites, include the site name in the installation folder name.