Back up and restore the database

Note: This topic is relevant for ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager only. For details about the NextGen Synchronizer see NextGen Synchronizer, or search using the NextGen Synchronizer filter.

If you are still using ALM Synchronizer, we recommend migrating to the more robust NextGen Synchronizer embedded in Agile Manager's configuration area.

The Synchronizer database is automatically backed up every eight hours, by default to the <Synchronizer installation>\backup directory on the Synchronizer server.

Backup files are named qcsync_db.backup. The last three backup files are kept and overwritten, as new backups are created.

Tip: We recommend backing up this directory regularly, or changing the default backup location to a network drive that is regularly backed up. This will ease data restoration in the event of local hard disk failure.

Restore the Synchronizer database

From the Windows Command Prompt, navigate to the <Synchronizer server installation>\backup directory, or another path where the backup files are stored, and enter:

restore_data.bat <backup filename>

Change the backup location

Select Tools > Server Options, and enter a path in the Server Backup Location setting.