Modify .csv map files in a text editor

Note: This topic is relevant for ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager only. For details about the NextGen Synchronizer see NextGen Synchronizer, or search using the NextGen Synchronizer filter.

If you are still using ALM Synchronizer, we recommend migrating to the more robust NextGen Synchronizer embedded in Agile Manager's configuration area.

.csv files used to map users for user list field values can be modified in any text editor.

Save the map files on the Synchronizer server machine, in the <Synchronizer installation directory>\dat\Mappings directory.

Note: If your ALM users are defined with email addresses, and those email addresses are identical to those used to log in to Agile Manager, the users are mapped automatically.

You can also edit .csv files directly in the Synchronizer Client, or map individual user list field values manually.

When you specify the mapping file while creating or editing a link in Synchronizer, Synchronizer validates the contents of the mapping file to make sure it is formatted correctly.

When editing a mapping file in a text editor, verify that:

  • No header row is specified.

  • The first value is the user list field value in ALM.

  • The second value is the direction for synchronization:

    • < Unidirectional, from Agile Manager to ALM.

    • > Unidirectional, from ALMto Agile Manager.

    • <> Bidirectional.

  • The third value is the user list field value in Agile Manager.