Plan before you begin

Note: This topic is relevant for ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager only. For details about the NextGen Synchronizer see NextGen Synchronizer, or search using the NextGen Synchronizer filter.

If you are still using ALM Synchronizer, we recommend migrating to the more robust NextGen Synchronizer embedded in Agile Manager's configuration area.

Begin by planning your synchronization, and mapping your ALM and Agile Manager processes.

Define where each type of entity should be managed, and what types of information should be synchronized. This may depend on how ALM and Agile Manager are used by different members of your group, such as developers, product owners, Scrum Masters, and so on.

Synchronizer does not support workflow procedures while creating and updating synchronized data.

Caution: Once a record in one endpoint is mapped to a record in the other endpoint, it is always synchronized if there is new data, regardless of whether the record still matches the link's filter.

Therefore, before you start synchronizing, it is highly recommended that you read the topics that describe the various types of configurations available and the guidelines for specific types of synchronizations.

Read through the following guidelines for the specific types of synchronizations you need.

Note: Perform the procedures described in Set up Synchronizer to prepare your ALM project and Synchronizer server and client for synchronization.