Synchronizer Q&A

Note: This topic is relevant for ALM Synchronizer for Agile Manager only. For details about the NextGen Synchronizer see NextGen Synchronizer, or search using the NextGen Synchronizer filter.

If you are still using ALM Synchronizer, we recommend migrating to the more robust NextGen Synchronizer embedded in Agile Manager's configuration area.

This section describes common problems or troubleshooting issues and relevant workarounds for the following topics:

During synchronization

Connection settings

Filter definitions

Field mappings

Synchronizer service and installation

Synchronizer server configuration errors

During installation of the Synchronizer server, the Synchronizer Server Configuration wizard installs and configures the PostgreSQL database management system, and creates a service on the Synchronizer server machine. If a problem is encountered during server configuration, an error message displays in the configuration results dialog box. This section lists problems that may occur and suggestions for handling them.