Monitor development progress

Use Agile Manager's Application Lifecycle Intelligence (HPE ALI) to gather information from your development tools. ALI can collect information from developers' IDEs and from tools used to manage source control, builds, and continuous integration.

Based on this input, monitor the development progress by release or sprint, by features and themes, or by specific teams.

View ALI data in Agile Manager

View high-level ALI metrics for the release in the ALI Summary page (Release Management > ALI Summary).

Drill down to detailed information about specific builds and commits in the Builds and Source Code areas.

Agile Manager also sends notifications based on the information gathered by ALI.

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ALI development plug-ins

Use the HPE ALI Dev plug-ins to connect to Agile Manager directly from your favorite IDE.

These plug-ins help developers connect to Agile Manager (and ALM) directly from their favorite IDEs.

Available for IDEA 12.* and 13.*

Able to install directly from IDEA (SettingsPlugins > Browse Repositories >HPE ALI).

Open source (GitHub)

Available for Eclipse 3.7.x or higher (including Eclipse Mylyn).

Download the zipped Eclipse plug-in here.

Available for Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013.

Download the installation files here.

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ALI user notifications

When ALI is configured for your release, Agile Manager can send email notifications if it detects that users may not be investing effort in the correct backlog items.

Example: Emails are sent if a user commits changes for a user story that is currently planned to a sprint other than the current sprint, or for a backlog item that is unassigned.

By default, notifications are sent to the user who committed the code, the user assigned to the backlog item, and the user who created the backlog item.

Individual users can modify settings to define the events they are notified about.

Modify ALI notification settings

  1. In the configuration area, navigate to Workspace > ALI Summary.

  2. Under Notifications, click Configure Notifications.

    • On the Notification Preferences page, select the rules you want to be notified for, or select the checkbox at the top of the table to select or clear all items.
    • Clear the Receive e-mail notifications option to unsubscribe from all ALI notifications.

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