Use the Feature Board

Manage the flow of features through their development stages and across releases with a configurable and interactive feature board (Product Backlog > Feature Board).

Use the feature board to manage the flow of features through their stages of development.

Design the feature board to reflect your work process.

  • The board's columns represent feature statuses.

  • Configure whether you want the rows, also called swim lanes, to represent the features' owners, types, themes, or releases.

  • Configure whether the color bars on the cards represent the features' owner, type, theme, or release.

    Hover over a card's color bar to see the value represented by the color.

You can control the amount of information on the board by filtering the features or collapsing columns. When fewer columns are displayed, features are displayed in larger cards and more feature details are displayed on each card.


In the image above, the board's swim lanes represent releases and the cards are colored by Owner. We collapsed some board columns to enable Agile Manager to display more detail on each card.

Drag features along the board to change their status. Make sure that you stay within the WIP and Time limits configured for each status. If you exceed the limits, the feature board displays alerts.

The feature board displays up to 100 items. If there are more than 100 items to display, the board displays only the 100 most recently updated features. Fine-tune your filter so that fewer features match the filter and the board can display all relevant items.

If you configure WSJF settings in your workspace, the order of the items on the Feature Board is determined by their overall WSJF score. Otherwise, the items are sorted by rank, which you can modify by dragging cards on the board.

Tip: If WSJF is configured, but the features' WSJF field values are empty, items on the feature board are displayed in random order.

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