Use the planning board

Select the Release Management > Planning Board tab.

The planning board enables you to visualize and manage the release backlog, as well as plan sprint backlogs.

It's provides you with a bird's eye view of your release backlog plan and progress, and assists your release strategy planning. The planning board displays all the release backlog items in a configurable grid. Backlog items are represented on the grid by tiles.

You can design the Planning Board according to your planning strategy, by selecting the properties that define the grid's rows and columns. For example, the grid columns could list sprints, and the rows – priorities. By examining how the tiles are distributed in the grid, you can evaluate where your high priority user stories are planned in the release.

In addition, you can select a property for a third dimension – color. Using the same example, if colors represent statuses, you can understand what progress has been made on the high priority stories in each sprint.

You can drag tiles around the planning board to dynamically change backlog item properties. For example, you can move a low priority user story to a later sprint, or you can even increase a user story's priority by moving its tile to a higher row.

Select from a number of preset combinations of columns, rows, and colors, or design a custom view.

Note: By default, the Planning Board displays only 200 items at time. To display more items, click Load More at the top of the page.

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