Sprint Scope Change report

As a release or team manager, you can monitor changes in sprint content per team. You can use this information to improve your sprint plans, and to track the progress of your release content.

This includes:

When a team’s sprint plan is complete, set the sprint baseline for this team.

Do one of the following: 

  • In the Release Backlog, use the Set Baseline button in the team bucket.

  • In the Sprint Backlog, use the button in the toolbar.

Each time you set a sprint's baseline, the new baseline overwrites any previous ones.

If you do not set a baseline for a sprint, the Scope Change Report uses the data from 2 days after the sprint's beginning.

After the sprint ends, export a Scope Change report to Excel.

In the Sprint Closure tab, click .

The exported report lists all of this sprint's user stories. The Scope Change column indicates the status of each user story within the sprint's scope.

Possible values:

  • Planned. The user story was in the plan for this sprint at the time that the baseline was set.

  • For user stories that were in the plan for the sprint at the time that the baseline was set, but their scope changed:

    • Rolled out. The user story was either deleted or moved to another sprint.

    • Split. The user story was split and part of it was moved to another sprint.

    • Broken. The user story was planned for this sprint as a general large effort. It was later broken into parts and replaced by smaller, more specific user stories.

  • Added. The user story was added to this sprint after the baseline was set. This means one of the following:

    • The user story was created in this sprint.

    • The user story was rolled out of another sprint into this one.
    • The user story was created by splitting or breaking another user story.

A week after the sprint ends, Agile Manager saves the sprint content.

  • After this point in time, when you generate a scope change report, it compares the saved sprint content with the sprint baseline.
  • If you generate a report before that time, the report compares the current data in the sprint with the sprint baseline.

Note: Scope Change reports are not available for sprints that ended before Agile Manager 2.51. If your system was upgraded to 2.51 after the second day of the sprint, you will have to manually set the sprint baseline.

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