Sprint management

Plan team sprints, break work items into tasks, execute and analyze a sprint.

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Plan user stories and defects to a particular sprint or release.

For each item, define tasks and acceptance tests, and ensure that the total story points is equal to the team capacity.

Allocate items to team members to get started.

See Prepare for a sprint.


Run the sprint using the Task Board or the Storyboard, depending on the Agile methodology your team uses.

Complete tasks and acceptance tests, and handle any linked defects, as you move user stories to Completed.

Throughout your sprint, use graphs and widgets on the Dashboard to analyze your progress.

Based on the information you see, you may want to modify priorities, assignments, or other data.

See Use the Task Board and Kanban storyboard.

Track and analyze

At the end of your sprint, take a look at the items your team completed.

List some practices your team did well, as well as some ways you can perform better next time.

Handle open items by moving them or splitting them to the next sprint.

See Track and analyze the sprint, Split a user story, and Sprint retrospective and closure.