Customize the storyboard

Design the storyboard according to your team's work process, and set storyboard rules.

Before learning about how to customize the storyboard, first read about the following concepts:

Storyboard lanes

Each team can customize the storyboard to match its own workflow. Each of the three predefined Kanban statuses can be split into lanes. Each lane represents a planning or development stage that the work items are required to pass through.

Storyboard rules

For each of the Kanban statuses and lanes, set rules that control the flow of items across the storyboard:

  • Time Limit. The amount of time an item can stay in a Kanban status or lane. The time limit is measured in days.

    Note: An item's stay time in a lane or Kanban status is measured continuously from the time it enters the lane or Kanban status. Therefore, the time limits you set should allow for time outside office hours.

  • Work in Progress (WIP) Limit. The number of items that can be in a Kanban status or lane at the same time.

Cycle time measurement

Agile Manager tracks each backlog item's cycle time: the total amount of time an item spends on the storyboard. This information is useful for analyzing variances between work items, and comparing cycle times at different periods in the release.

By default, the cycle time includes only the time that the item spent in the In Progress status. You can configure whether to include the Planning status as well.

Status mapping

Each of the Kanban statuses on the storyboard is mapped to a backlog item status. When you drag an item to a new status on the storyboard, its backlog item status changes accordingly, and vice versa.

In addition, for each lane that you add, you can specify the backlog item status that it corresponds to. The lane mapping overrides the Kanban status mapping.

The following table shows the mapping of Kanban statuses to backlog item statuses, provided that the Kanban status is not split into lanes.

Kanban Status Backlog Item Status
Planning New
In Progress In Progress
Done Done

How to customize the storyboard

  1. In the configuration area, browse to a team details page for the team you want to configure.

    • For a workspace team, select Workspace > Teams.
    • For a feature team, browse to the release details page for the relevant release (WorkspaceReleases). Select the Teams tab on the left of the release details page.
  2. On the team details page, click the Storyboard tab on the left.

  3. Click on any of the Kanban status columns.

  4. In the Edit Kanban Status dialog box, set the overall WIP limit and Time limit for the Kanban status.

    Note: You cannot modify WIP or Time limits for the Done status.

  5. Split the Kanban status into lanes. For each lane, define its WIP limit, Time limit, and corresponding backlog item status.

    Note: Removing existing lanes may affect data displayed in Sprint and Release Control charts on the Dashboard. For details, see Sprint Control Chart and Release Control Chart.

  6. In the Planning status, define whether the planning status will be included in the cycle time calculation.

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