What's New – March 3, 2013

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Side-by-Side View

You can now open backlog items details in a new tab. This is useful for comparing backlog items without leaving the backlog grid. Right-click a backlog item, and select View Details in New Tab.

Import Release Backlog

In the previous update, we introduced the capability to import backlog items to the product backlog. Now you can import backlog items directly to a release backlog.

On the Release Backlog page, make sure the correct release is selected. Then click More Actions > Import Backlog.

Assign Defects to Multiple Buckets

In Defect Management, you can now assign a defect to several private buckets.

ALI Enhancements

The following features were introduced or enhanced in ALI:

ALI Dev Bridge

  • Simplified deployment. The ALI Dev Bridge is now available as a standalone application, enabling you to download, unzip, and start the application.
  • Tenant descriptors. If you are working with more than one tenant (project), you can now download additional tenant descriptors. Additional ALI Dev Bridge applications are no longer required.

In the Configuration area, in the ALI Summary tab, download the ALI Dev Bridge zip file. For installation and configuration details, see the README.txt file included in the download.

SCM System Support

SCM support was added for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012.

Development Activity – Themes and Features

You can now review development activity associated with themes and features. In the Details Page of a theme or feature, on the left sidebar, click Development Activity.

Fixed Defects

The following issues are fixed:

3661 – It is not possible to filter backlog items by Author.

4379 – After changing the rank of a user story in the sprint backlog using drag-and-drop, blocked user stories displayed as unblocked.

4447 – It is not possible to edit the blocked reason in the details view of a user story without opening a popup box.

4710 – If a dashboard widget is configured to a specific release, sprint and team, and then changed to context-sensitive, the graph is updated only after a manual refresh.

4821 – In Linked Items, it is not possible to filter the User Story Traceability and Linked Defects grids.

4830 – On the Task Board, the Task Summary and Story Summary widgets do not take into account unassigned tasks and user stories.

Other Releases

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